writer of long and short fiction
About Jane

Jane Woodham is a writer of long and short fiction. Her short stories have been published in the UK and in New Zealand.

She is the creator of the website Otago Writers Network and producer of the radio series ‘Charlies Angels: 24 years of writing together’ on Otago Access Radio

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What they said

about Twister

‘A most impressive first novel’ Graham Beattie

‘A tense and fast-paced ‘Twister’ of a plot … crime writing at its best’ Paddy Richardson

‘intricate storyline that unfolds organically’ Chris Wolak

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Jane’s first novel was published in 2015.

Synopsis:  Twister is as much a story about a detective, as a detective story. Despite including all the usual elements of a crime novel, the novel’s focus is on the relationship between the detective, his wife, and their missing child. Their personal story, told through a series of flashbacks, is interwoven through the current enquiry into a missing teen.

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